Product categories we are trading and handling


Whether you are looking for pasta, sweets, dairy products, pastry products, beverages or meats. We do all types of food products, in all kind of qualities and sizes. Through access to manufacturers worldwide, we will find the perfect product to make your business most successful.

Since the importance of brand recognition is constantly rising, we are able to offer Private Labelling for many of our products.

  • Energy Drinks & Sodas
  • Cracker & Snacks
  • Candy & Sweets
  • Cookies & Pastries
  • Basic Foods
  • Other Foods
FMCG Food: Groceries
Soda & Energy Drinks
Crackers & Snacks
Candy & Sweets
Cookies & Pastries
Basic Foods
Special Foods & Supplements

FMCG Non-Food

Whether products for personal or household care, as well as goods for the daily life, tools or writing materials and much much more...

Our trade experts will find the right product to match your expectations. For any line of business.

We have access to a large number of manufacturers producing high quality generic products under White Label. This will give you a maximum of quality at competitive prices.

  • Tools
  • Batteries
  • Toiletries & Cosmetics
  • Tires
  • Household
  • Office & School supplies
FMCG Tools & Screws
Beauty & Toiletry
School Supplies

Stocklots & Inventories

You are looking for a teaser for your business or want to benefit from special occasions? We have access to stocklots and inventory sales. At very competitive prices.

Boost your sales with products that will satisfy your customer – by price and quality. We do offer all additionals services for these items, too.

Do you have excess inventory? You have changed the design of your product? We will be pleased to assist you in selling your stocklot - noiseless and riskfree

Stocklots & Inventories

Industry & Technical

We supply technical items for industrial companies for(since) many years and maintain a broad network of contacts with manufacturers as well as suppliers.

For more than 50 years, we serve customers in Africa and EMEA, especially in the mining, construction, cement, steel and transport business.

The portfolio ranges from machines of all kind and sizes, automotive and heavy equipment and spare parts. We offer special expertise in conveyor belts and components.

Industrial Equipment & Haevy Machines

Commodities &  Construction

Trading of raw materials is part of our daily business. Either steel-made products, material for construction or infrastructure, soap noodles, chemicals, fertilizers or any other commodity in Food or Non-Food – our value-added service comprise in addition to sourcing of requested product and quantity services like logistics, inspection and insurance as well as financing.

Since the commodity value chain is long and complex, we will be pleased to discuss with you the opportunities of cooperation.

Commodity Trading in Africa

Special Projects

Next to revolving transactions business, we handle also special projects, e.g. one-time purchases and investments. This includes also all kind of services we offer.

Special projects: one-time purchases & investments

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